Sunday, July 31, 2011

Download Dj Jerry Mp3 album collection

Co-party Apocalypse Radek Gehringer aka DJ Jerry works on the dance scene since 1991. During this time he devoted himself mainly musical styles oldskool rave and house, from which but later switched to a harder style, then techno. It was later techno for Jerry becomes his main focus style. Since 1993, Jerry became a resident events held in Brno Bobycentre at that time belonged to one of the largest cultural centers in Europe at all. Acquires exclusive offer to provide production of events that are held in Bobycentrum. A year later thanks to Jerry begins operation in the implementation Bobycentre own actions - is one of the first to organize a party with such names as Paul Van Dyk, Marusha, Christopher Just, Nick or cooked. With the experience gained so Jerry became a founding member of a large indoor party was held at the premises Bobycentrum - Apocalypse. This party during the recent years become the most famous of its kind and enjoys growing popularity, not only here but its gaining recognition abroad. Apocalypse of also building a reputation not only getting better among people who attend it, but also in foreign bookingových agencies, media and publishing. Jerry has become one of the main characters of the Apocalypse and of course the resident DJ. Jerry's popularity is growing among people and Radek will soon become the most famous and popular DJ in Moravia. Every weekend, playing in clubs throughout the Republic and the Slovak Republic, performs at the major summer events and festivals. His style and ability to entertain an audience for him is so characteristic of the immediate and spontaneous behavior people love. Jerry begins to also promote the production area. Among his first producer credits include album Deeper Lover (includes sample Jerry's favorite singer Aretha Franklin), with remixes by DJ Orbith Radkova brother, a respected Slovak Tokyho aka DJ duo and Rumenige Rodent and Laura Level. The board came to the newly founded label BE Records. In 2004/2005 Jerry publishes in collaboration with producer Robotechem Eclectic plate, which is again based on the label BE Records. Remixes created Slovak promising DJ Miss Rodez, aka Sepromatiq Motching Czech Boys DJane Misa Salacova. Board a short time gained great recognition among the other DJs and is still rated as very good achievement in the Czech production of electronic music. The year 2005 marked a turning point in Jerry's career, which concerned not only changes his style. Jerry then gradually moves to a harder form of techno, his sets are so very dynamic and full of energy. In this year also created a line video board Eclectic, who appears in television music shows. On the club scene, DJ Jerry recorded a great success, not only for its permanent resident nights in Brno Perpetua, but also many other clubs throughout the country.His name appears in the line-upech all major events, Radek played alongside such names as DJ Rush, Dave Clarke, Chris Liebing, Monika Kruse, Umek, Marco Carola, James Ruskin, Sven Wittekind, Ben Sims and many other ... At the end of 2006 Radek speaks booking agency Kne'Deep United Management (Czech subagentura Kne'Deep Berlin) and offers him an exclusive representation. Jerry has also become a guest of foreign parties - plays such as Austria, Hungary or England ... readmore

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